Single Malt Scotch

750 ML


Product Description

Nose: Smoked bacon, Tarry ropes on a not-long-dry seashore. Loads of Vanilla. Pomegranates, Fizzy-sweets (refreshers, Sherbet Lemons) and Lemon-zest. Not convinced Id have got Mocha, if not for the autosuggestion, but its definitely there now I think about it. Palate: Initially sweet, restrained, more of that bacon, but this time its been cured with Muscovado sugar and maybe a touch of Juniper? Progresses through the inevitable onslaught of peat, but its there in a slightly different way more high, medicinal phenols than we've come to expect with Ardbeg. From the palate alone, Im not even sure Id peg this as Ardbeg I might be tempted to go two distilleries further down the coast… Finish: Long. Cocoa, Charred corners of a pulled pork butt, becomes more ashy as it fades, but clearly from good honest casks albeit with charred heads. Overall: Its good. Funnily though, as the spirits not being bombarded with finishes/extreme cask-techniques the difference between this and the 10yo is strangely pronounced. There are palpable elements of Bowmore, and Laphroaig in this dram, whilst it does absolutely retain the overall Ardbeg character we know and love. To my mind thats a good thing.


Varietal: Single Malt Scotch

Region: Islay