Aguaribay Malbec


750 ML


Product Description

Aguaribay is made at the Flechas de los Andes Estate, located 120 miles south of Mendoza, Argentina. The hot, dry climate is characterized as semi-arid continental and features pronounced temperature fluctuations between day and night and across seasons. These mid-altitude conditions are highly conducive to the ripening of red grapes and, more particularly, of Malbec grapes.

The wine is crafted from a selection of Malbec plots whose grapes are harvested manually at optimal maturity and carefully vinified to offer you a pure, high quality Malbec. Vines are an average of 15 years old, aging 12 months. This full-bodied Malbec exhibits notes of black cherry, raspberry and spice. It pairs beautifully with BBQ, or steak.


Varietal: Malbec

Region: Argentina

Region Description:

The most important wine-producing country in South America as well as one of the most dynamic wine producers in the world. Popular Argentine grapes are Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Moscatel.