Neutral Spirits


Neutral Spirits

750 ML


Product Description

Our ambition has been to distill a classic absinthe with our own signature riff upon its formal structure. copper & kings Absinthe Blanche is a confident American Absinthe. Double distilled Muscat brandy in American copper potstills handcrafted in Butchertown, Louisville, Kentucky. traditional absinthe botanicals Grande Wormwood, Anis, Fennel and Hyssop, together with accent botanicals, are macerated in Muscat Low Wine for approximately 18 hours and then distilled to a batch proof ceiling of 135 Proof. Absinthe Blanche Pure copper potstill alembic distilled herbs, roots and botanicals orchestrated in harmony, with no post-distillation infusions to add color or flavors. Non-chill filtered, with no added sugar or colorants for a rich, seductive, uncorrupted flavor. A superb, authentic translucent louche, and excellent natural oily lacing in the glass. Pre-bottling dilution is done progressively to avoid shocking the distillate and to open the natural flavors. TASTING NOTES AROMA: Herbaceous, pastoral, subtle layering of typical absinthe notes; wormwood, hyssop, fennel open in the glass. muscat bouquet with Uniquely spicy hints of black pepper. TASTE: Slightly restrained anis, faintly bitter, hint of mint, typical licorice without being overpowering or flabby. Black pepper spice. not syrupy sweet. FINISH: Super creamy mouth-feel, natural viscosity. Black pepper, fresh licorice through the back end. SERVING SUGGESTIONS An unconstrained spirit should not be inhibited completely by tradition. We do not believe in consumption rules. Please enjoy our absinthe on the rocks with a citrus twist, as a julep with crushed ice and generous mint, or in the classic and imaginative cocktails that take your fancy. Or be seduced by the traditional serving ritual with cold water, however in our opinion, absinthe is sweet enough without an added sugar cube. The faux ritual of setting distillate or a spirit soaked sugar cube on fire is an abomination.


Varietal: Neutral Spirits

Region: Kentucky