11 Wells 'Minnesota Thirteen' White Whiskey


750 ML


Product Description

THE HISTORY: Minnesota 13, an open pollinated heritage corn, was developed by the University of Minnesota during the 1880s for a short growing session. During Prohibition some of the fine folks of Stearns County chose to convert MN13 into moonshine and defy the Temperance efforts. The quality reputation of this moonshine travelled nationwide due to the care of these agricultural rebels. A NEW ERA: We want to honor this history by bringing back this Minnesota tradition. The corn is hard to find today but it is out there and can be grown so thats what weve started to do. Others with a similar passion for MN13 are also creating their versions. Together, we hope to resurrect this unique spirit and bring back its international status as a quality moonshine. Learn more about the MN13 revolution at 11wells.com.


Varietal: Whiskey

Region: Minnesota