Raising Minnesotans Spirits since 1934

Haskells BuildingFritzi Haskell, our founder, would be so very proud. Her original store on 7th street in Downtown Minneapolis is pictured. She had Minnesotans drinking wine when the rest of our country was drinking gin fizzes. We were happy to assume her role as the Twin Cities wine people in 1970. For the past 47 years, we have provided our customers with the widest selection, great prices and the best service possible. Our stores now cover the entire metropolitan area, and we stand ready to supply your wine, spirits, and brew needs, as our delivery service is legendary. Learn more about our history here.

Upcoming Events

- La Forge Estate - In Store Wine Tastings -
Kona Island Seltzer Tasting - Haskell's Maple Grove
Prairie Cocktail Tasting - Haskell's Faribault
- La Forge Estate - In Store Wine Tastings -
Bauhaus Brew Labs Tasting - Haskell's Maple Grove
- La Forge Estate - In Store Wine Tastings -