Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon - $40.99

Wine Details

Price: $40.99
Producer: Wild Turkey
Region: Kentucky
Varietal: Bourbon Whiskey
Container Size: 750 ML
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Product Description

  • Deep amber color with an olive hue. Buttery caramel, toasted nut, and delicate anise cookie dough aromas. A round, supple entry leads to a fruity medium-full body of chocolate covered caramel corn, rich baking spice, pink peppercorns, and nutty bread dough flavors. Finishes with a sweet and spicy honeyed rye, toffee, pepper, and mineral fade. This is a delicious and instantly appealing bourbon that will shine in cocktails, particularly Manhattans.

Wine Terms

Name Value
Whiskey "Whiskey" (with an e) usually refers to spirits distilled in Ireland and America. Whiskey picks up many of its flavors during the distillation process. This process leads to many unique varieties of whiskey.
Bourbon Whiskey "Bourbon" Whiskey is a whiskey made predominately in Kentucky and must have more than 51% malted corn with malted barley to be distinguished as Boubon. There are two distinctive styles of Bourbon made; sweet and sour mash. Sweet mash is fermented over a couple of days while sour mash is fermented longer to eliminate sugar in the grain.

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