Ravenswood 'Vintners Blend' Old Vine Zinfandel - $9.99

Wine Details

Price: $9.99
Producer: Ravenswood
Region: California
Varietal: Zinfandel
Container Size: 750 ML
Flavors: cherry
  • Award Winning
  • Red Wine
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Product Description

  • Bright, flashy, ripe raspberry, blackberry and vanilla flavors are wrapped around a soft sweet fruit core highlighted by scents of cinnamon
  • Joel Peterson started Ravenswood in the 1970s, when California's claim to fame was the "best jug wine in the world." His dream was to create wines that would rival the greatest of Europe. In his first vintage, 1976, he produced 327 cases of Dry Creek Zinfandel that took first place in a prestigious San Francisco tasting. But despite the cult following and critical acclaims that began to swirl around its hypnotic logo, Ravenswood remained a roving boutique until the late 1980s, when its Vintners Blend program was launched. The program was conceived on Joel's conviction that, besides great wine, the world needed good, affordable wine. Ravenswood help to redefine the notion that California only produced the “Best Jug Wine in the World.” Ravenswood began to acquire an informal reputation as a premium winery and in 1999 the company went public with a "Dutch auction" of shares offered over the Internet. Just two years later Ravenswood was purchased by Constellation Brands, becoming part of its fine-wine division, Franciscan Estates. Despite its changes in ownership, Ravenswood continues to set a stubborn standard for complex, balanced, uncompromising wine that captures everything a vineyard has to offer.

Expert Ratings

Ratings   Vintage Source Flavors
WineEnthusiast - 84 Details: Basic everyday Zin, fruity enough to go with just about anything. Gets the nod for its polished cherry fruit, richly tannic structure and glyceriney sweetness, although it’s really a dry wine. 2004 WineEnthusiast cherry
Tanzer - 85 Details: ($10) Medium red. Aromas of black raspberry, mocha, smoke and bitter chocolate. Sweet, simple berry and chocolate flavors nicely firmed by ripe acidity. 2002 Tanzer berry, bitter, chocolate, mocha, raspberry, smoke
WineSpectator - 82 Details: Lean, with herbal and tart flavors of blueberries, bay leaf, and toast. Drink now. 425,000 cases made. – 2001 WineSpectator
WineSpectator - 86 Details: Chewy Zin, with concentrated dried wild berry, dried raspberry and strawberry jam flavors. Pretty vanilla tones linger, along with modest tannins and a slight metallic note. Good value from a Zinfandel specialist. Drink now through 2006. 275,000 cases made. – 2000 WineSpectator raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, wild berry
WineEnthusiast - 86 Details: Strong, earthy Zin, with basic flavors of wild berries, tobacco and dried herbs. Dry and pretty tannic. Not much subtlety, and certainly not a wimpy wine. 2000 WineEnthusiast berries, earthy, herbs, tobacco
Tanzer - 86 Details: Fruit-driven aromas of cherry, raspberry, currant, blackberry, plum syrup and spice cake. Sweet and layered, with a restrained sweetness and a note of blackberry. Firm acids and tannins give this large-production item good shape and grip. 1999 Tanzer blackberry, cherry, currant, plum, raspberry, spice
WineEnthusiast - 84 Details: Pretty good varietal character, if a bit rough and ready. It has a berry, woody, green aromas and drinks very dry, with soft acids and furry tannins, and a dry, austere finish. This wine will soften up rich, oily foods. 1999 WineEnthusiast berry, spice
Tastings - 85 Details: Medium body. Medium acid. Medium fruit. Medium oak. Medium tannin. Dry. Reminiscent of earth, blueberries, plums, vanilla from oak. Cohesive, with youthful bright fruit and oak nuances that linger 1993 Tastings
WineSpectator - 83 Details: Simple and fruity, with plum and cherry flavors that turn spicy and earthy on the finish. Mild tannins. Drink now.  –JL 1992 WineSpectator cherry, earthy, plum, spicy
WineSpectator - 84 Details: This full-bodied but lean-tasting Zinfandel puts the emphasis on spice rather than fruit. Enough cherry and plum characteristics come through to keep it interesting, however, and it lingers on the finish. Drink now. 1991 WineSpectator
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Food Pairings

Category Pairing
Cheese Feta, Goat Cheese, Smoked Gouda, Soft Pungent Cheese
Red Meat Hamburgers, Minestrone, Beef Stew, Ham, Barbeque Pulled-Pork or Ribs, Grilled Pork Tenderloin, Lamb Stew, Game, Wild Game - Elk, Caribou, Moose, Venison, Sausage
Pasta & Grains Lasagna, Pasta with Peppery Mushroom Sauce
Poultry & Eggs Coq Au Vin, Roast Chicken with Herbs, Herb Marinated Chicken, Roast Turkey, Spicy Chicken Dishes, Game Birds
Fruits & Nuts Citrus Fruits
Vegetables Lentils, Tomato
Sauces Red Wine Sauce
Herbs & Spices Anise, Fennel Seed, Tarragon, Bay Leaf, Cinnamon, Clove, Mint, Oregano, Pepper (black, white, green)
Spicy Food Beef Stir Fry
Cheese Aged Cheddar

Awards and Accolades

  Name Vintage
Award Winner Bronze - 2007 Decanter World Wine Awards 2005

Wine Terms

Name Value
United States Wineries exist in all fifty states, but the most predominant (and best) wine comes from Northern California, Oregon, and Washington State, with New York gaining a foothold in the industry. American wines make up about 75% of all wine sales in the US. The appellation system uses the term AVA (American Viticultural Area) to determine where wines were produced, but grape varieties can be planted anywhere in the country. American wineries generally use varietal labeling, and government regulations require that the variety on the label must make up at least 75% of the blend (in Oregon it’s 90%). The words reserve, special selection, private reserve, classic, and so on have no legal definition in the US. Some wineries use these terms to indicate their better wines; others use the words as a marketing tool to move lower quality wines off the shelf.
Zinfandel One of California’s oldest varietals, this grape actually hails from Croatia. Red Zinfandel makes rich dark wines that are high in alcohol and medium to high in tannin. The can have a blackberry or raspberry aroma, a spicy character and even a jammy flavor. Some Zinfandels are relatively light-bodied and meant to be enjoyed young, while others benefit from aging.
California California produces the majority of wine made in the United States. Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel and Pinot Noir dominate the wine production in California, but many other varietials thrive in the California climate. Many fine wines are produced in California using Mediterranean grapes.

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