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Price: $14.98 (Reg$19.99)
Savings: $5.01
Producer: Grays Peak Spirits
Region: Minnesota
Spirit Type: Vodka
Container Size: 750 ML
Package Size: 1
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Drink Recipes

  Drink Description
Details Cosmopolitan  
Details White Russian Not actually a drink from Russia, this drink is tagged with the name because of the Vodka. Milk is often substituted for the cream.
Details Long Island Ice Tea This is a long, powerful drink with a particurally strong intoxicating effect that is well disguised by the cola. The recipe does not actually contain tea. It's name refers to the way the drink resembles a non-alcoholic iced tea.
Details Sex on the Beach Sex on the Beach is a variation of the Woo Woo, this version has more fruit. It is a popular drink at seaside resorts
Details Woo Woo The Woo Woo was created in the 1980s and was one of the first popular drinks to use peach schnapps. It is still a popular drink on cocktail lists into today.
Details Bloody Mary A Bloody Mary is a popular cocktail containing vodka, tomato juice, and usually other spices or flavorings such as Worcestershire sauce or Tabasco sauce. Many people change or create their own formula to make the drink to their liking.
Details Screwdriver The story goes that the screwdriver got its name from American oil-rig workers who would mix this drink with a screw driver since swizzle-sticks were rather hard to come by on an oil rig. Created in the 1950s when vodka first began to gain popularity in Western markets, the screwdriver is the original vodka and orange drink and is still very popular today.
Details Katinka This is a fruity drink with nicely balanced sweet and sour flavors. The addition of vodka adds a good kick. Use better vodka for smoother results.
Details Czarina This drink was created back when Russian vodka was relatively new to the United States and the glamorous connotations were somewhat of a commercial novelty.
Details Sea Breeze This was one of the first cocktails that called for cranberry juice. Today it is one of the most requested cocktails available.
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Product Description

  • Grays Peak Batch 0025 Vodka is the summit of smoothness for vodka that is ideal straight or perfect for enhancing the flavors of any cocktail. The purity of Grays Peak vodka is only achieved by using premium corn that is distilled five times in small batches using water that undergoes a proprietary reverse osmosis process that removes any trace minerals typically found in spring waters that can produce "hot" flavors. Grays Peak Vodka clean, pure, and peak perfection. Grays Peak Vodka is a gluten free vodka that is distilled from corn. Please drink responsibly.

Spirit Terms

Name Value
Vodka Vodka is one of the world's most popular spirits. Most vodka is produced from grains like corn, rye or wheat. Some vodkas are made from potatoes, soybeans, and grapes, giving each distinct characteristics. Vodka is popular as an ingredient in a variety of cocktails but is often served as a standalone drink."

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