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Capital Brewery Pale Ale - $8.49

Beer Details

Price: $8.49
Producer: Capital Brewery
Region: Wisconsin
Beer Type: Pale Ale
Container Size: 12 oz
Package Size: 6-pack
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Product Description

  • This is an American pale ale defined by the assertive, but not overshelming, use of American Cascade hops. Exhibiting an inviting golden hue, U.S. Pale Ale is a zesty choice fo those who believe that hope are "hip". Refreshing and clean with medium bodied flavor and an easy, dry, and memorable finish. Hops with an American accent. Disarmingly drinkable.

Beer Terms

Name Value
US Beer The United States is the largest brewer of beer in the world. It's big-name lagers are famous the world over. Recently, micro-brews have sprung up in an effort to meet the demand for beer variety. The micro-brew market is still small, but is growing all the time. America is the home of light beer, first brewed by Miller in 1975. Today, a majority of the best selling beer in the United States is light.
Microbrew Microbrews are produced by relatively small breweries who make fewer than 50,000 barrels of beer per year. Microbreweries create specially-crafted beers that are often superior to the large-production beers, primarily due to their high-quality ingredients and careful brewing methods.
Ale Ales are generally fruity, complex and full-bodied beers that are best when served at cool temperatures.

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