Cabin Fever Maple Spirit Liqueur - $19.99

Spirit Details

Price: $19.99
Producer: Cabin Fever
Region: New Hampshire
Spirit Type: Whisky Liqueur
Container Size: 750 ML
Package Size: 1
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Drink Recipes

  Drink Description
Details Cherry Bomber This drink packs as much of a kick its cousin the long island ice tea and goes down just as easily. Enjoy.

Product Description

  • Be proud New England, your spirit has arrived. Cabin Fever is an 80 proof Maple Spirit Liqueur that has dark rich tones and is incredibly smooth. Chilled filtered so it is not too sweet, Cabin Fever’s taste is a harmony of oak and maple at the forefront with hints of caramel and butterscotch. It benefits from traditional craftsmanship such as 100% Vermont maple syrup, three-year barrel aging and devotion for extremely high quality.

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